Crew SChool

Any teenager can learn filmmaking without ever going to TAFE or Uni, in 2 hours a week.

Less than 30% of all the people in the Screen Industry have any formal training.

This means TAFE & University equate to less than one third of all people joining the industry. 

But, unless you have a direct connection with someone in the film industry there just doesn’t seem to be any pathway to get started. And even if you even get on a set, chances are you wouldn’t even know what to do.

You need practical hands-on experience to learn the basic skills to be a successful crew member. Plus you need to learn this in a supportive environment that allows you to make mistakes and you need to do this with working industry professionals, who can get you onto sets.

Start your film career before you've even left school

Crew School

After school classes focusing on giving high school-age kids a head-start in their filmmaking career by: 

Using Red Cinema Cameras so you know how to use the tools industry professionals are using on set right now.

Providing onset best practices so you know exactly what’s expected which means you’ll fit seamlessly into any crew.

Meeting other filmmakers to expand your network which leads to collaborations and getting crew roles onset.





  • All Equipment Included
  • Max 10 Students To A Class
  • 10 Week Term



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi

Term 3 Starts 9th June

based where...!?!

Working in Sunshine Coast's largest film studio which gives you access to sets, lighting equipment, actors and just an around filmy vibe. 

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