Leigh’s Workshop

by Josh Gannon  - July 19, 2023

What’s in the Program

Whether you’re seeking representation or more auditions, you need showreel footage that stands out, captures the attention of your intended audience, and showcases your acting abilities in the best way possible.

Long-form showreels are a thing of the past, in today’s fast-paced world, agents, casting directors, and producers do not have the time to sit and watch an actor's entire showreel. They need short, high-quality clips that let them see the quality and authenticity of your work.

This is where we come in!

Pluggas Film Studio and Leigh Parker Acting Studio have joined together to help actors get the highest quality sizzle reels that showcase your highest quality work.

The Pluggas team have all your production needs covered, lights, camera, sound, and post-production. While Leigh will provide you with tailored scripts to suit your strengths and goals as an actor, as well as be your coach on the day to help bring out your best performance.

The end result is a professionally produced sizzle reel containing 2 contrasting scenes that showcase your range and ability as an actor, ready to send to agents and casting directors!

What you get

● 2 scripted scenes tailored to suit your desired outcomes

● 1 on 1 coaching with Leigh

● Professionally shot on cinema grade camera

● Edited and scored finished videos ready to send to agents / casting directors / producers  


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Script to Screen
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