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Onset Essentials

A full day workshop designed for all crew member to learn the important things about being film and commercial sets. 

Ideal for: Years 10 - 12

learn everything you need to know to step onto a film, TV or Commercial set 

Here’s What We'll Be Covering

This one-day intensive course is specifically designed for individuals with any experience level in the film industry. Led by a seasoned First Assistant Director, this immersive workshop aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and know-how to navigate a film set professionally and efficiently. Through hands-on exercises, interactive discussions, and real-life simulations, students will gain a solid understanding of on-set protocols, teamwork, safety measures, and the commonly used terms in the film industry.

We will introduce the critical role of the 1st AD and explain the importance of time management, set organisation techniques and effective communication with the crew before moving on to topics such as professionalism, safety, terminology and more. By the end of this intensive, participants will be well-prepared to navigate a film set with confidence and contribute effectively to a successful production.

Course Duration: One full-day intensive workshop (approximately 6 hours)

The Essentials

There's a basic level of behaviour and standards that every set expects. You need to know this to avoid a rough time on your first gig.

Learn Best Practices

From reading call sheets, to navigating the formalities Nick will guide you through the expectations of you as crew onset. 

Practical Learning

Get out of the class room. Workshops take place in an actually film studio with real equipment and practical exercises.

What STUDENTS will learn

● Key roles on a film set and their functions 

● Set Protocol and Safety Measures 

● Chain of command on set

●  Punctuality and preparation for each shoot day

● Professional Conduct and Effective Communication

● Film Set Terminology, most commonly used terms and jargon on a film set 

● Understanding specific terminology for different departments (e.g., grip, gaffer etc.)

● Active listening and executing instructions quickly and accurately

● Proper etiquette when engaging with cast and crew

● Respecting personal boundaries and maintaining a positive attitude

● Understanding workflows and coordination between team

● Reacting calmly and responsibly in emergency situations

The course takes place in Pluggas Studio where each participant will have the opportunity to step into various crew roles in a real world simulation of a working studio set. This will allow the participants to put into practice what they have learned throughout the day such as safety precautions, effective communication, using film set terminology and more.

The workshop will be conducted in a supportive and encouraging environment, fostering the participants' confidence and readiness to embark on their journey on a professional film set.