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This class is an environment for aspiring teen actors to freely explore and expand on their craft and develop the desire to learn and improve their skills out of sheer love for what they're doing!

Ideal for: Drama Students Years 8 - 12


Here’s What We'll Be Covering

Step into the spotlight and let your creativity run wild! This dynamic workshop is designed to ignite your passion for acting and unleash your hidden talents. Whether you're a seasoned performer or completely new to the stage and screen, Leigh will guide you through a day of exploration, learning, and laughter.

Immerse your students in the essentials of acting as you delve into techniques that breathe life into every scene. Through interactive exercises, you'll nurture your spontaneity, quick thinking, and ability to adapt in the moment.

Learn Creative Preperation

How an actor prepares to do their best work AND have fun in the process

Experience Acting On Stage and On Camera

Get the full actor experience!

Practical Learning

Get out of the class room. Workshops take place in an actually film studio with real equipment and practical exercises. No Theory!

What You Will Learn

  • Acting Fundamentals: Dive into the basics of acting, including body movement, vocal projection, and expression.

  • Let the character become you: Learn to stop acting and start living.

  • Impulsive Creativity: Develop trust in your own ability to think quickly and create spontaneously through fun and engaging exercises.

  • Scene Study: Collaborate with fellow participants to bring scenes to life, exploring different genres and emotions.

  • Confidence Boost: Enhance your self-confidence, social courage, and stage presence in a supportive environment.

  • Course Duration: One full-day workshop (approximately 6 hours)