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Technical GRIPPING

A full day workshop for filmmakers to learn how to work under a gaffer in the lighting department and a deep dive on everything in a lighting van.

Ideal for: Years 11 & 12



Here’s What We'll Be Covering

This intensive one-day course is designed to provide aspiring individuals with an introduction to the role of a film grip.

Led by experienced industry professionals, the course aims to equip participants with foundational knowledge and practical skills required to excel as a grip on a film set. Through hands-on exercises and theoretical instruction, attendees will gain insights into the equipment used, techniques employed, and the vital role of grips in supporting camera and lighting departments.

The grips role can be extremely varied as every film shoot is going to have different variables and outcomes. By the end of this course, participants will have a solid understanding of the grip's responsibilities and will be ready to explore further opportunities in the gripping department.

Learn All The Gear

From Cardellini to Combo Stand, From Sushi to Superclamp. We'll be pulling everything out of the van.

Learn Best Practices

Learn the right way to set things up, learn the right calls and the right procedures so you are confident onset.

Practical Learning

Get out of the class room. Workshops take place in an actually film studio with real equipment and practical exercises.

What Students Will Learn 

● Introduction to common grip equipment and their uses.

● Saftey protocols and best practices for handling equipment.

● Hands-on practice when setting up and rigging equipment.

● The collaborative relationship between grips and camera operators.

● Understanding camera movement techniques and assisting with camera setups. 

● Providing camera support and stabilisation for different shots 

● Lighting Support and Techniques

● Using grip equipment to shape and control light on set

● Introduction to rigging techniques

● Hands-on practice with rigging and building a custom grip solution 

 ● Understanding safety measures in rigging and overhead work 

By the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have gain a fundamental understanding of the role of a film grip, learning essential equipment handling, camera movement techniques, lighting support, and set collaboration. Equipped with foundational knowledge and practical skills, aspiring grips are prepared to enter the film industry confidently.

Note: Participants should come dressed in appropriate attire for hands-on exercises and be ready to engage actively in practical tasks. This one-day intensive will provide an immersive and dynamic learning experience, setting aspiring grips on the path to understanding the crucial role they play in creating captivating visuals on a film set.