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Technical Film Lighting

A full day workshop for filmmakers to learn how to work under a gaffer in the lighting department and a deep dive on everything in a lighting van.

Ideal for: Year 10 - 12

learn the skills needed to work


Here’s What We'll Be Covering

Students will learn how to correctly identify various pieces of key equipment, what it is used for and how to set it up, providing the basic knowledge and necessary skills to start their journey as lighting technicians on a film set or know what to call for as a cinematographer.

The workshop will include hands-on exercises and practical sessions, giving participants ample opportunities to work with professional equipment in different lighting scenarios while encouraging participants to interact and ask questions throughout the workshop to enhance their learning experience.

Learn All The Gear

From HMI lights to LED, from Scrims to Frost to Bounce, from Tall Boy to c-stand we'll be pulling everything out of the van.

Learn Best Practices

Learn the right way to set things up, learn the right calls and the right procedures so you are confident onset.

Practical Learning

Get out of the class room. Workshops take place in an actually film studio with real equipment and practical exercises.

What Students Will Learn

● Role and responsibilities of a lighting technician

● Basic electrical safety

● Effective communication with crew members

● Overview of basic lighting equipment and tools

● Introduction to different types of lights used on a film set

● How to set up and handle lighting stands safely 

● Introduction to modifiers and how they affect the light source  

● Introduction to colour temperature and its impact on the mood 

● Basic light direction and shadows 

● Exploring light intensity and diffusion

● Basics of lighting for indoor scenes 

● Introduction to lighting for outdoor scenes

 ● Open discussion for participants to ask questions

In completing this intensive one-day workshop, participants will have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles and techniques of technical film lighting. With this knowledge and practical experience, participants will be well-prepared to join a professional film crew as lighting technician. They will possess the confidence and competence to contribute effectively to a production.